Wild Fire Season is here for 2024
By Member CVFC Admin
March 16, 2024

Chester Residents just a friendly note from your CVFC that forest fire season is upon us for 2024 !

With that in mind please be aware of what you are doing around the yard in these dry months. But you say " We have had so much rain, how on earth could I start a fire" Well you have to understand the dry combustibles in the woods near your house dry out very quickly with no shade from the trees and on some days very low humidity. At this time of year these materials can become highly flammable very quickly even after rain. Please be careful and think before you do anything that could ignite a wild fire and go to the NJ State Forest Fire Service website at the link below for more information on regulations on open burning and fire conditions for the different regions of New Jersey.

Remember always : We don't want to meet you by accident, fire safety is EVERY citizens responsibility.

Hyperlinks: https://www.nj.gov/dep/parksandforests/fire/